My Five Favorite Blogs is about Riddles and Mysteries. I find them interesting because it’s interesting and causes me to think about the riddles. It will also include jokes and pun’s because I love when I can get a good laugh.


This is a good website for riddles and puzzles because they upload the answer a day after they made the post. 


This is an interesting blog about a man who writes about puns, conundrums and paradoxes that he finds in books, internet or friends. What’s interesting abou this blog is that he lead me to a website that’s called “Pun Of The Day”.


This is also an excellent website for the post the answers upside down which in my opinion is awesome. 


I personally live this page because it posts a riddle everyday and it updates the post with the answer after one day of it posted. 


I find this website also quite interesting for it shows the solutions and the answers on the page. Overall these websites are most likely the best out of all the websites I’ve look through.


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